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    “I never believed in the Law of Attraction until I took this challenge. It's incredible how my life has changed in just three days. I can't recommend it enough!”

    Feng Mian

    Chicago, IL

    What it is about?

    This challenge is for anyone and everyone — but the people that will benefit the most are those who want to see change in their life and are willing to take the action steps necessary to do so.

    What you will learn from this challenge:

    • Visualize Your Dreams
    • Daily Affirmation Practice
    • Guided Meditation Sessions
    • Personalized Manifestation Techniques
    • Access to a Supportive Community

    About Me:

    I've lived all over the world, growing my music career to reach millions while exploring life to the fullest capacity. With two college degrees, 500 hours of yoga teacher training, and tons of experience as an energy healer + business coach... I've finally cracked the code on how to find your authenticity and FLOW so you can build an incredible life for yourself.

    I teach and inspire people to manifest what they want daily on my platform Creative Life School, and I can't wait to help you build the life and business you can't stop thinking about.

    It all starts NOW.